• What is consultingheads?

    consultingheads is a consultants-only job platform. Having helped countless of candidates break into consulting – through case interview training on – we now help them transition from their current job to their next professional challenge.

  • What does consultingheads offer?

    consultingheads provides access to a prescreened pool of consultants and alumni. All of these consultants are either passively or actively looking for their next career move. Having built long-standing relationships with PrepLounge members, we can help you target these high-potentials.

  • How many members does consultingheads have?

    Currently we have more than 6,000 (former) consultants in our database. All of our members have been checked after their registration and only candidates with relevant consulting experience are approved on the platform.

  • Why should I use consultingheads?

    Database with prescreened high-potentials: Jobs on consultingheads are only visible to registered members. We therefore provide a high degree of confidentiality and exclusivity. We built long-standing relationships with members on PrepLounge. Having helped candidates get into consulting, we are trusted by them while making their next career move. Moreover, having supported Experts in developing their freelance business (e.g. with case interview coaching and workshops), they trust us to supply projects.

    Curated matching: Through a combination of algorithms and personal touch points, we only recommend highly relevant profiles.

  • How is consultingheads different from its competitors?

    Our greatest strength is our clear focus on the consulting industry. As an extension of PrepLounge, we have build up a network of highly qualified consultants who are latently looking for new challenges. Our candidates are preselected in personal phone interviews and you will only receive matching candidates who have already demonstrated interest in your job posting. That makes talent acquisition not only more efficient, but also leads to effective success.

  • How do I request access?

    Simply write us an email, give us a call (+49 221 4993 8760) or fill out our contact sheet.


  • How do I place a search order?

    During a briefing call, we will analyze your recruiting requirements and develop a corresponding profile description which includes the following information: Company, industry, function, job description, salary, location. This constitutes a "search order" and we reach out to relevant candidates only. Besides a personal message, matching candidates can also see your job on their individual job dashboard.

  • How do I set additional preferences?

    Job prerequisites can be defined to filter out candidates right away (e.g. work experience).

  • Can I receive example profiles in advance?

    For data privacy reasons, unfortunately we are not authorized to send you example profiles in advance. However, we will be glad to set up a call with one of our HR specialists, who can give you a good overview of the candidates on our platform.

  • With how many applications can I count?

    The number of candidates we will forward to you strongly depends on the requirements of your job posting. Therefore, we cannot tell you a universally valid number here. However, we will be glad to tell you a broad assumption in a personal call with one of our HR specialists.

  • How are candidates short-listed?

    We recommend candidates in two ways: (1) an algorithm matches candidates to dimensions on the profile description and informs them about the position and (2) a HR Specialist actively encourages suitable candidates to apply. Candidates who indicate interest in a job will be short-listed.

  • Where can I see short-listed candidates?

    You can see an overview of short-listed candidates in the dashboard. Profile snippets (without contact information) can be viewed in order to decide whether to invite or reject potential candidates. If you invite the candidate, you will receive their complete CV with contact information so that you can reach out to them directly to schedule interviews. Otherwise, we will send a rejection notification on your behalf.

  • What is the feedback process?

    Your Account Manager will be happy to help you make changes to the search order and solicit feedback regarding candidate profiles. It is important to us that we understand whether we fulfilled your recruitment needs.

  • Do you also offer classical headhunting services?

    Beyond the search in our database, we will be glad to identify matching profiles for your job posting via Xing and LinkedIn and approach the candidates for you. We definitely distance ourselves from aggressive headhunting methods, though, and definitely respect it when candidates are not looking for a job change. Please let us know if you are interested in an external search for candidates.


  • How do I write a project brief?

    During the consultation, we will help you define your project objectives and the profile you are looking for. Moreover, you can set parameters such as timeframe, budget and preferences such as working modes (e.g. home-office, on-site, combination).

  • How do I find suitable consultants for my project?

    We recommend candidates in two ways: (1) an algorithm matches consultants to dimensions on the project brief and informs them about the project and (2) a HR Specialist actively encourages a suitable consultant to apply. Candidates who indicate interest in a job will be short-listed.

    Once they indicate their interest they will be displayed on your dashboard, where you can review their project pitches and CV snippets.

    You can invite or reject candidates on the dashboard. If you invite the candidate, you will receive their complete CV with contact information. Otherwise, we will send a rejection notification on your behalf.

    Once you reach a decision, you can agree on the project scope and terms with the consultant directly.

  • What happens after the project?

    Your Account Manager will contact you once the project ends to solicit feedback. It is important to us that we understand whether we helped you reach your objectives. You will be able to write a review for the consultant's online profile.

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