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I am always on the watchout for new exciting opportunities. But what bothers me is that a bunch of headhunters cold-call me trying to sell a job they want to fill without even telling me the company or salary in the first place. I rather have a transparent overview of new opportunities on a regular basis. And I decide whether I take the next step or not.
Sarah, Ex-PwC


12% Full control
19% Protection of privacy
31% Exciting jobs
38% High transparency

What our members love about consultingheads

According to our users the most important value proposition of consultingheads is transparency. In addition all jobs are highly relevant and from the most exciting employers around the globe. Candidates are in control when to apply for a job and privacy is protected at all times.


  • What is consultingheads?

    consultingheads is a consultants-only job platform. We help consultants and alumni make their next career move - whether it is another full-time position or a freelance project to finance your trip around the world.

  • What does consultingheads offer?

    consultingheads provides a transparent overview of interesting full-time and freelance positions that are relevant to candidates with a background in consulting. Stay up-to-date about exciting opportunities in strategy, consulting, PE and VC firms and start-ups and determine your market value.

  • How do I sign up on consultingheads?

    Create an account by registering via email, Linkedin, or Xing. Please note that we only admit candidates with previous consulting experience.

    In order to understand what jobs you are looking for, we will then ask questions about your expertise (e.g. industry, function) and preferences (e.g. salary, location). Afterwards, you can choose to upload your CV.

  • What is our "Skill Match"?

    The Skill Match is our indicator of how good a certain job fits your skills. A high score indicates that you are likely to master the challenges of the job. Decisive factors here are, for example, language, industry, function and professional experience.

  • How do I search for jobs?

    You will receive a personal message once we find relevant job opportunities that match your preferences. You can also see an overview of job opportunities in the dashboard.

    Finally, you can request a consultation with one of our HR Specialists who will evaluate your profile in order to make job recommendations.

  • What happens after I land a job?

    We are very pleased if we were able to help you find your next challenge. We are also there to help you beforehand and offer our support during the application process for instance. Our HR Specialists will be happy to contact you and solicit feedback. It is important to us that you find a job of your choice.

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